This collection of science-based short stories examines the social and technological trends from a world just around the corner from ours.

The Stories

When Blake learns that he has Early Alzheimer's he downloads his mind into the Net and donates his body for research. However, his body sees things differently.

In Custody Of Love, we see how custody battles don't have to always be winner take all.

Cody And The Slave shows us what can happen when a unique approach to the prison system, selling inmates as short-term slaves, lets any one of us be the warden of one, and the master of darkness.

The Head Hotel lets us consider taking our network usage to the next level. Once you can jack in and can feed your brain all sorts of digital candy, do you even need your body anymore? Especially when you've contracted the latest wet-ware virus?

In The People's Arena, we see that satisfying the public's blood thirst for revenge with televised game-show-style executions only leaves them wanting more. Whatever happens, just keep the cameras rolling!

What if we stopped fighting the War On Drugs? In Getting High, we see that a policy of decriminalization disrupts more than the local street trade, but gets in the way all the way up.

Golf is still just a game, right? Not for some! As we see in The Great Game Of Golf, you must honor the gods of golf. You must play true to live true.

A Family Affair shows us that some social issues are simply not solvable until technology catches up with the complexity of our world. When a woman's right to choose includes carrying the placenta and baby of another woman, one social issue takes on a very different form.

Red Light Richie thought it was a dream come true. For a young shy virgin, a phone call from an out-going stranger with an email video was too good to pass up, but after a brief encounter with his mystery woman Richie finds himself snared into a web of internet intrigue and political passions.

What if you could live forever like Bob The Vampire? The world would be your playground, but all the time in the world can be lonely at times - and rewarding.

These stories feature the touching and troubling truths that lie just around the corner in a world much like ours. Assembled specifically for the Kindle, these light science fiction tales look beyond mere technology and stare right into the heart of a society living in complex times.