Welcome To Liberty

That people should be free, that we own our lives, is as obvious to me as the fact that the sky is blue.

However, just as the sky isn't always blue, but is sometimes reddish, purple, or black with little dots, libertarianism is not always a simple truth. We do live in a community of others, we share a crowded planet, and there is a great disparity in wealth, talent, and opportunity.

Can any one philosophy or platform be ideal for everyone? I very seriously doubt it, but letting policy grow from the fundamental premises that we own our lives, are responsible for our decisions, and should be allowed to attain our highest goals, is an enabling position. It allows and encourages the best in humanity.

I don't pretend that these pages present anything other than my own personal perspective, and for what that is worth, I offer them to you.

Keep this in mind: We are at a point in history where great ideas about humanity can take hold. These early years of the post-industrial age will reveal to us whether or not we are ready to move our civilizations into this new age or if we will pull the old one along with us as a safety net.

Within the vortex of so much change, the core belief that we own our lives will offer us the anchor that will allow us to go on as the world churns around us. Until there are enough of us ready to take ownership of our own lives, there will be legions of tax collectors, lawyers, and bureaucrats ready to own our lives for us.

This is a new age, and we need a new way to cope with the social, scientific, and political churn that it will bring. That way is what I'm trying to present here, not with anything like a religious ferver, but with a gentle nudge and a reminder of things you already know to be true.