The view from down here


April 9, 2009

Here are the things that I do which, while perfectly normal, have not yet been fully integrated into other people's habits. Some would call them Idiosyncrasies.

1. I like to put nacho cheese Doritos in vanilla ice cream.

2. I, usually, use too many commas, when I write.

3. Atheist, Libertarian, and I don't trust most of what doctors say. I'm pretty much wary of organized bullshit across the board.

4. If we found out that aliens were real, I wouldn't be all that surprised.

5. I like to crochet blankets, but it takes me a long time.

6. I can play the piano by ear a little, but only in the key of E-flat.

7. I never got my pilot's license, but I can fly and land small planes.

8. I wrote my own programming language that I use at work.

9. I like to eat M&Ms and movie popcorn mixed together.

10. I don't own a lava lamp.

Copyright 2009 Daniel LaFavers